FIFA 21 is expected to be released on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in 2020

FIFA 21 is expected to be released on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in 2020

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The game's actual to reveal was placed on hold for some more days than expected, when developers revealed their EA Play would be delayed slightly thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the EA Play event did act on June 18, giving fans their first droplets of official FIFA 21 information.

Here, we've compiled every shred of knowledge you'll want prior to its release later in 2020, and you'll be able to skip to whichever section you wish using the contents page below. This page also will be regularly updated with fresh details, as soon as they're made available.

EA SPORTS have kept their cards firmly pressed against their chest up to now, but as we have seen in recent games, the last week of September is sometimes the time they pull the trigger.However, this year's game is ready to be released a pair of weeks behind that schedule, understandable given all the variables that have affected football this year.

October 9, 2020, has been set as an initial release date but, given everything happening within the world, this might be set to shift slightly. Regardless FIFA 21 should be with us at some point in October.

According to the developers, EA Access will take off on October 1, meaning the demo should be available even sooner. Pre-orders for Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition also will include a 3 day early pass, as well.FIFA 21 is anticipated to be released on both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in 2020, with both next-generation consoles because of the launch during the "holiday" season. Like FIFA 14, it's totally likely this year's FUT Mobile Coins game are going to be available on both consoles.

Furthermore, EA have confirmed a dual entitlements feature, which can allow players to upgrade to the next-gen version completely at no cost, provided they need purchased a current-gen version. They're going to be able to take all their players, teams and achievements with them.

In mid-June, EA SPORTS hosted the EA Play live event, marking the official announcement of FIFA 21. Although the information provided by the event did not meet the expectations of all fans, we did formally check the pictures for the first time and provided a date when more information was released.