Precautions for Manual Fertilizer Seeder Application

Manual Fertilizer Seeder can be used for digging and transplanting seedlings after being surrounded by mulch.

  Manual Seederis relatively quick and convenient to use, and can accurately and quickly complete crop transplantation. The rice transplanter should also pay attention to the precautions in use, which are very important for the normal transplanting of crops and the normal operation of the machine. What should I pay attention to when using Manual Seeder?

  The sweet potato transplanter should be inspected according to the instructions before the transplanting can be suspended. It can be used after careful inspection and maintenance according to the instructions.

   First understand the use characteristics and precautions of Manual Seeder. Check every four hours and keep it in use under normal technical conditions.

   Do not work when reversing or turning on the ground. During operation, keep the machine away from the articulated lifting area. When inspecting Manual Seeder parts or repairing, stop the inspection to avoid damage to the maintenance personnel.

  Manual Seeder is a tractor-driven farm tool. The driver should be alert and stop to prevent accidents. During the operation, do not open or remove the protective cover, otherwise the chain will pull on the arm and cause an accident. Manual Seeder should pay attention to the above aspects during use.

  Manual Seeder engine's fuel injection volume is controlled by the sensor and switch signal strategy, according to the output control signal to control the fuel injector. The reasons for high fuel consumption are the presence of sensor or switch signal errors, excessive fuel pressure or fuel injector blockage, ignition system blockage, engine mechanical parts blockage, etc.

  Because people often use fuel consumption per 100 kilometers to evaluate fuel consumption, instead of using the specific fuel consumption of the engine to diagnose obstacles with excessive fuel consumption, it is necessary to determine whether the obstacle is an engine.

   Under normal circumstances, the engine oil consumption will be too high due to insufficient power, excessive air and low coolant temperature. Excessive engine idle speed is also the cause of high fuel consumption.

   The air flow meter is used to directly detect the air intake of the flow pattern, and the intake pressure is used to indirectly calculate the air intake of the pressure type. Therefore, whether it is a flow type or a pressure type, as long as the intake system is not sealed, it will affect the amount of fuel injection, and its influence is greater than that of a carburetor engine. Therefore, the intake system should be too delicate during maintenance.

  Manual Fertilizer Seedercan be used for digging and transplanting seedlings after being surrounded by mulch. It has no impact on the ground and no damage to the seedlings during the transplanting process. It is suitable for transplanting seedlings in pots with underdeveloped roots and easy to break, so the transplanting efficiency is high.