She never mentioned anything about purchasing skills

She never mentioned anything about purchasing skills

I'm not talking about purchasing theRS gold skills. I'm speaking about the DXP"weekends" and randomly getting bonus XP from a daily reward (I know it's not a benefit, and also an effort for you to cover more) or performing quests. I'm not saying buying abilities is"being an adult" I am saying a lack of free time is"being an adult". In case OSRS and RS3 were my options at age 13, I'd select OSRS. Now, however, I enjoy OSRS every now and again.

She never mentioned anything about purchasing skills. They simply enjoy high level content and not a lot of that the mill. It's okay to have a different opinion, even though reddit likes to make people believe differently. It really much boggles my mind how a lot of individuals really care about 120ing or even 200M ing a skill or heck 99ing a skill. The capability to fish another thing I will really get a reward from yet again. This obsession over grinding something that doesnt thing is mind numming.

If that is how you're considering it, then what exactly does amassing a couple of pixels do to you whatsoever? Folks like to play with video games and to establish goals. It is mind numbing the number of people worry about others. Its not much about stress about others, but providing a crap about almost everybody else, because they believe everyone believes the same manner. Game is grindy since it's dont need to force feed others with it.

You do not need to purchase anything. The fact is that rs3 ironmen can max faster than osrs ironmen since the xp prices are more manageable and you do not need to crouch in front of your laptop daily mindlessly clicking just to acquire meaningless progress. How did you manage to bring up ironman at a MTX conversation lol. Everything you said was rs3 has quicker speeds? Everyone knows any sort of achievement other than a pvm achievement is meaningless progress in rs3. The irony. Besides pvming/ironman the game is almost dead.

I understand what you are saying, but I have a different mindset. RuneScape used to get in the way of my life and that I treated it like abuy rs gold paypal job. Well, not anymore. Aims are secondary, enjoyment is primary. If I need a complete month for a 99 since I do not play enough hours a day, that is just the way it is going to be and that's alright.