Introduction Of Hex Rivet Nuts

Hexagonal rivet nuts are sheet metal fastener products.

Hexagonal rivet nuts are sheet metal fastener products. The deformation of rivet nuts is similar to the convex deformation process of cylindrical parts or pipe materials. Generally, the convexity coefficient is used to indicate the degree of convexity deformation. Hexagon rivet nuts are commonly used products in blind rivet nuts. According to the type of head, it can be divided into countersunk head hexagon rivet nut, round head hexagon rivet nut, flat head hexagon rivet nut, small countersunk head hexagon rivet nut, etc. Hexagonal rivet nuts can be divided into full hexagonal rivet nut,half hex rivet nut, internal and external hexagonal rivet nut.

Advantages of rivet nuts

  1. Provide fast, reliable, low-cost connection, strong load-bearing capacity, installation and connection will not damage the working surface, and electroplating will not easily deform.
  2. It has the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-torsion, anti-rotation, high connection strength, wide selection range and wide riveting range.
  3. The product application is flexible, beautiful, stable, serializable (customizable).
  4. The performance is better than welding nuts, self-tapping nuts, traditional nuts and bolts.
  5. Single-sided riveting is an excellent solution for riveting middle hole frames, shells, pipes, profiles or sealing components.
  6. Make sure to tighten the internal thread after installation. Can be used with bolts. It also has a rivet function, which can rivet thin plates together.

The above is some basic introduction of hex rivet nut.