Gunpowder 3505 Aaa Manufacturing Process

GUNPOWDER 3505 AAA can be deactivated after withering.

GUNPOWDER 3505 AAAcan be deactivated after withering. The main purpose of de-enzyming is to destroy and inactivate oxidase activity in fresh leaves at high temperature, evaporate part of water in fresh leaves, soften tea leaves, facilitate twisting and forming, emit green odor at the same time, and promote the formation of good aroma. Most tea makers use manual de-enzyming, which has very high technical requirements for tea makers. It is very important to master the pan temperature, technique and time when fixing the enzyme.

After finishing the fixation, the next step is rolling. Kneading is to destroy the surface tissue of the tea leaves, make the tea juice overflow, and shape the flaky tea leaves. During the rolling process, a large amount of tea juice overflows, and the effective substances in the tea juice include tea polyphenols, amino acids, caffeine, etc., which determine the quality or taste of tea. When twisting the tea leaves, the intervention of external forces damages the cell tissues of the tea leaves, so that the substances contained in the tea leaves are fully mixed under aerobic conditions.

When kneading, the strength is too large, which is easy to destroy the cells on the surface of the tea leaves, and the tea leaves will be more broken. The tea kneaded like this will make the tea soup turbid. But if the intensity is too small, the taste of tea cannot be fully released. Therefore, it is very important to master the twisting time and strength of tea makers.

After rolling, the tea leaves can be naturally dried in the sun, and only when the tea leaves are dried in the sun can the green tea be made.

Therefore, the raw materials and techniques of tea each account for a large proportion. No matter how good the techniques are, if there is no good raw material, it is impossible for a skillful woman to cook without rice, and there will definitely be no good tea. On the contrary, having good raw materials and not having a good tea maker is also a waste of good raw materials. Therefore, the raw materials and techniques of tea are very important. They complement each other and are indispensable.