They provide a strength and prayer bonus.

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So any tips on what might be a fantastic idea to train, any minigames to try or simply anything that is fun/rewarding to perform onRS gold RS members today. There's so much new armour and a few new weapons in members now, I don't understand what's decent for my own level and what I need to use for slayer and general battle stuff (80 Att, 83 Str, 75 Def, 81 HP). If you guys could suggest something that I could purchase then that'd be great; I have 50m money but I would rather not spend too much.

And finally I am looking for some skills to train to 99 or just a higher level, but idk what I can train without spending loads of money on for no return, what is reasonable spending etc.. My abilities should still be in my touch, if not then I'll add asap. However, there are a few very nice things which you should receive. I'm presuming you have not been here for a short time. Most chaotic weapons would be the most effective in their own class. Falling in price, these are generally go-to items in case you have some money. 12M for one bit, 12M for the other. They provide a strength and prayer bonus.

I am not an expert on helms, but if you're slaying you want the complete slayer helm because of its own bonuses (similarly Salve amulet if it is applicable ) and Verac's helm otherwise. For boots, you'll most likely want to adhere to dragon. You will find far better boots, known as"ragefire" I think, but I don't believe you wish to devote your bank . For gloves, possibly barrows gloves from RFD or potentially goliath gloves in the dominion tower. Goliaths ask that you have done plenty of quests and lots of arcade-style battle in a major tower filled with quest bosses. Something you might pick up when you have caught up on your questing generally, I think.

For the ring, there is a really pleasant free ring you get from OSRS Gold For Sale"A return to stone" (I think that's what the quest is called). It starts in TzHaar town, at the pool. It is all of the fremmenik attack ring's bonuses, along with a lot of very nice reusable teleports, along with a battle bonus against the tzhaar. Or you might find the Berserker ring, which offers a strength bonus, or you might find the explorer's ring, which delivers some free alchemy spells every day, or you could get an Onyx ring and imbue it at mobilising armies.