I add is a technique that doesn't really entail Farming at all

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This idea sucks, nonrealistic, make people beggars, and its like OSRS gold gambling, make people quit because they shed countless, this also give chances to CHEATING, AND the fact that people will get conned. . .really easily. WAY TOO GENERAL!!! Let me say this again, wayyyyyyyy overly broad no detail no endeavor to make it apparent. Both of you (the first notion poster) and the man I uttered, suppose too much. . .you may be stating that I'm assuming, but im criticizing, not assuming.

This dungeon is north of Ardougne, south of the Fishing Guild. From the dungeon, there are 3 tunnels. Each leads to a vein of a different sort of mineral. One leads to Aluminum, another to Gold, the final one to Diamond.

In each tunnel, there are monsters that will appear randomly. Also, at the conclusion of each tunel there's a protector you have to conquer. There are no safespots from the tunnels, and magic works great on them. Warriors will have a hard time from the tunnels.

Once you defeat the protector, it will drop a key, which Buy old school rs gold may be used to unlock the door beforehand. This is the point where the ore is. Based on the number of monsters you killed, there'll be more rocks. The rocks can be mined after before they vanish. These particular orers can be made into armor: Alum Armor, Gold Armor, or Diamond Armor.