PoE will regularly introduce new game mechanics for the league

PoE will regularly introduce new game mechanics for the league

As the largest company in the game, Blizzard has spent a very difficult period, making Blizzard can not help but think about whether they lack a certain ability. Not long ago, "Diablo Immortal" collapsed, "Heroes of Storms" (Heroes of Storms) e-sports scene was closed, and Hong Kong has recently caused controversy. This series of things made Blizzard impossible to move. However, the good news recently ushered in that "Diablo IV" is about to be released, which caused great sensation and excitement in the game world. Of course, Blizzard needs to find various ways to optimize the game and make Diablo IV a complete success.

PoE is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. "Path of Exile" is a ten-year MMOARPG developed by a die-hard fan of enthusiastic dark color. The Bestiary League launched in early 2018 caused a great response, but there are still many shortcomings. Currently, Grinding Gear Games is currently adjusting Bestiary.

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But plenty has changed since Diablo III released in 2012. There's a current King of the ARPG, and thats Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile (PoE). It's managed to accomplish what Diablo III couldn't. It boasts a steadily growing player count, it's an integrated economy that replicates (and surpasses) the old days of trading on Battle.Net, and maybe most significantly, it's successfully created a grim, bleak tone like Diablo II and I. Thats a tone that Diablo IV lead developer Luis Barriga says that Blizzard goes back to.

Grinding Gear Games most spectacular achievement is perhaps its level of interaction with the PoE community. The developer evens hosts its own ExileCon, where founder and CEO Chris Wilson communicates directly with players. Its grade of interaction that permits fans to desire theyre a viable a part of the community and its growth. Grinding Gear also does an excellent job of responding to community feedback on the developer side (Oh, and it doesnt publicly insult the creator of the franchise.). That being said, Blizzard is off to an honest start, with regular blog posts detailing upcoming design decisions and responses to the community.

PoE regularly introduces new game mechanics for a replacement league, like the Bestiary, Delves, or Incursions. Nothing is ever perfect right out of the gate, however. Take, for example, the Bestiary League that launched in early 2018. There, players could catch marked beasts. Players would throw a net at the beast, which had an opportunity to capture it but the possibilities were very low if the beast had high health, while the possibility went up if the creature was severely hurt.

The above describes the details of catching beasts in PoE. Do you want to jump? Since PoE prioritizes high DPS and fast wave clearing functions, players kill them too fast, so players will find it difficult to capture beasts. In response to the call of fans, Grinding Gear Games is currently adjusting Bestiary. Now you only need to reduce the HP of the beast, and then an NPC will run, it will help you catch the beast.

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