Cowboys Catch-Up will be your spot to look back on

Cowboys Catch-Up will be your spot to look back on

Each week, Cowboys Catch-Up will be your spot to look back on the week that was for Cowboys Nation, reviewing some of the top stories and videos of the week. Today, we're doing a special Monday edition of the Catch-Up to bring you up to speed on everything that happened from Thursday evening to Sunday.To get more news about [url=]New Dallas Cowboys Jerseys[/url], you can visit cowboysbuy official website.

Who did the Cowboys draft? Where did they come from? How do they fit? What did they have to say? We'll be back to our normal Friday schedule later this week.

Hours before the draft, the staff writers did their annual 7-round mock draft, predicting not only the first pick, but all 10. As it turned out, the Cowboys made 11 picks, but only one of the names showed up in a mock draft. Here is the Cowboys' 7-Round Mock Draft.

No one knew who the Cowboys would draft in the first round, and when the pick came it was Micah Parsons. "Parsons jumps into a position that needs a playmaker," Nick Eatman writes. "Dan Quinn's defensive strategy is somewhat unclear at the moment but you can bet Parsons will have a big role, especially in the nickel situations.

You can go back and forth on just about any first-round pick, but Nick Eatman likes what the Cowboys did Thursday night. "I don't know if you call anyone "unblockable" but every clip I saw was Parsons busting through the line of scrimmage either on a blitz or just his instincts that get him to the ball," Eatman writes.

Micah Parsons had to answer questions about incidents beyond the field. "Even without a scouting combine to do a thorough interview process with Parsons in person, the Cowboys made sure they found out all the details of the situation,"

2021 won't be the first time Parsons steps into ATT Stadium. "He had a dominant performance as the 2019 Cotton Bowl MVP against Memphis," Jonny Auping writes. "That was when the notion of being a Dallas Cowboy became something he envisioned for himself."

The Cowboys traded with the Philadelphia Eagles before drafting Parsons, but it's not the first time they've made such a move. "In fact, the Cowboys have landed some Pro Bowlers, including a Hall of Famer, based off a trade within the NFC East,"

No one expected the Cowboys to draft Kelvin Joseph in the second round. "Joseph only started one season in college, but he likely will compete for playing time at outside corner as a physical, athletic coverage player with a knack for making plays on the football," Rob Phillips writes. [Phillips on what Joseph adds to the secondary]

Dallas addressed their defensive line in the third round by drafting Osa Odighizuwa. "Odighizuwa will have a chance to compete for snaps, and he showed versatility by playing multiple positions for the Bruins," Rob Phillips writes. [Phillips on Ofighuzuwa's boost to the D-line]

They followed up adding a defensive tackle with adding a defensive end with their next pick of Chauncey Golston. "Not a highly-recruited player at first, but over his four seasons on the field, he became a problem for opposing offensive lines," Nick Eatman writes.

By the end of Friday night, the Cowboys had drafted their second cornerback when they selected Nashon Wright. "At 6-4, Wright has a unique frame for the position and the length to disrupt receivers at the line of scrimmage," Rob Phillips writes.