Latest Update Causes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Animal Crossing: June in New Horizons is destined to be an extraordinary month. The wedding season is here as promised, and it seems like a couple in the real world. Good things always have to go through some hardships. Let's take a look at what bugs have appeared in the June update!

Firstly, how many players reporting villagers missing using their island has grown since the arrival with the update. Usually, there's one day in the week in which a villager will go to the museum. However, this glitch causes it to be so that they completely disappear from your map.

YouTuber Crossing Channel displays this glitch entirely effect. I believe you have seen some videos, Crossing Channel wants a villager named Renee. she's not to be found inside a museum, her house, or anywhere along with the map. This is the one glitch troubling Animal Crossing players currently.

Gulliver spawn glitch arises in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Recently, the sailor bird Gulliver is showing high on players' islands. You must help Gulliver to acquire communicator parts to aid him to rebuild his Nook Phone. The bird villager usually washes standing on the shores of players' islands. Thus, he could be Often found lying on the beach. However, following the latest update players have witnessed Gulliver spawning from the most random locations. This is likely to affect players' ability to obtain Animal Crossing Bells.

Crossing Channel showcases the villager about the peak of a cliff. This glitch has created it very hard for players to locate the bird. Although these glitches will not be affecting everyone, it is affecting a large part from the community. Nintendo must keep these bugs at heart when releasing its next update for New Horizons.

In addition to the wedding season, Animal Crossing will celebrate Children's Day and Father's Day in June. These celebrations include new items available inside the Nook Shopping tab. Furthermore, as a way to celebrate the Dragon Boat festival Nook Shopping is offering a great time seasonal Dragon Boat Festival items from now on the 14th.

The upcoming E3 major update should fix these problems. Of course, these errors may also technically reflect the direction of the update. For example, by increasing the difficulty of acquiring some resources, villagers will become more mysterious, the area of ​​islands will increase, and more abundant elements will be introduced. I think Buy ACNH Bells in advance will be very good preparation.